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Inauguration Day

January 20, 2009

I’ve been having strange feelings today. I know I should be overjoyed. Bush has been relegated to the trash pile of history and packed up and moved back to Texas (Not to his ranch though. He sold that a couple months ago. Now that he’s not President, there’s no more reason to pretend to be a cowboy. What a complete phony that guy is, was, and forever will be). We now have an intelligent, self-confident, thoughtful man in the White House. Our country has taken a step forward in its constant battle with racism (but please stop saying there’s no more racism). It is an historic day, and a great day to be an American.

And yet, something doesn’t feel quite right. I think it boils down to my cynicism. I know I should be excited by the overwhelming nature of the support for the new President, but part of me can’t help but feel that the support comes from him being the new thing. I’m probably wrong. I hope I’m wrong. I’m just afraid that when the dust clears, people will have gone back to their distractions.

That reminds me, who else is counting down the minutes to Lost tomorrow night?

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