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Your Daily Blood Pressure Spike – Newt Gingrich

July 2, 2009
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So Newt Gingrich thinks private insurance companies “have it done well” and that 46 million uninsured (yes, I’m aware that this number is in dispute.  I’m only responding to what Gingrich actually said) in this country means that we have 260 million insured. And this is supposed to be one of the great thinkers of the Republican Party, the ideas man.

I’m also getting a little tired of hearing the right-wing say that a public option will lead to health-care rationing. Either they aren’t paying attention or they are lying because private health care companies already do this, either through refusing to cover pre-existing conditions, or on the back end when they kick sick people off their rolls even though they have paid their premiums. In other words, the private insurance industry works great just as long as you aren’t sick and never get so sick that you’ll eat in to their bottom lines.

I’m not so sure the private insurance industry works great even if you take those things off the table.  Nor am I positive that single-payer, government-subsidized universal health care is the best way to go.   But I do know that nothing gets solved when scare tactics and half truths are used.

A person’s life should not, should never be, dictated by a profit margin.

Newt Speaks About Healthcare

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  1. Kelly permalink
    July 4, 2009 4:35 pm

    Ooh, it makes me so mad. And what about the issue that sick people are trapped in miserable jobs, because they can’t take the risk of losing their health insurance? Everyone should have the chance to better their lives, and sometimes leaving a bad job is the only way for that to happen. In a way, I’m kind of glad that we didn’t have health insurance in Boise, or we probably never would have had the opportunity to move here.

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