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Your Daily Blood Pressure Spike – Glenn Beck and Guest

July 3, 2009

Glenn Beck may be a very nice guy in real life, but on TV and on his radio show and in the public eye, he is a clown and a buffoon.  I do my best to never take him seriously, and honestly, try to spend as little time thinking about him as possible.  But then something like this comes along.

Hoping for another attack? Really?

Can someone please explain to me under what circumstances or under which ideology it’s ok to say something like this?  Was this guy dancing in the streets after 9/11 because finally the American people would wake up and finally realize that the government had to protect them “with as much violence as necessary?”  (And honestly, looking at the intervening 8 years, that’s pretty much what happened.)   Wow, what a great day 9/11 was.  It finally started that grass-roots effort where everyone was afraid and we could all shelter under the government’s wing.   And Beck doesn’t even challenge him. In fact, he basically agrees with him (in a weak-kneed way that will give him plausible deniability in the future).

These are the same people who for eight years called everyone who disagreed with them either un-American, an idiot, or a traitor.  Now they are no longer in power (which was their own damn fault), they don’t like the way things are going (which they have every right not to) and their response is to rachet up the fear-mongering (which is the only thing they were ever any good at).

Let me cut you off at the pass.  This isn’t a First Amendment issue.  You’ll find no bigger proponent of the First Amendment than me. I’m not trying to shut Beck or Scheuer up, and I’m definitely not asking the government to step in, but the First Amendment does not protect you from being criticized for what you say, and these two morons should be getting mailbags full of criticism.


The more I read about Scheuer, the more confused I am.  I thought his name sounded familiar, so I looked him up, and he was Chief of the CIA’s bin Laden unit in the late 90’s and served as an advisor to the unit in the early 2000’s.  In 2004, he wrote a book called “imperial Hubris” that was basically about tearing down the myth that “they hate us for our freedom.”

In his response to the Glenn Beck debacle, he’s trying to say that he’s warning people about how poorly the U.S. is defended, but his quote doesn’t sound like a warning to me.  It sounds like hoping.  One thing I really don’t get is why he thinks another attack would wake America up.  Did America gain a saner approach to foreign policy after 9/11?  Did Americans rise up to vote their incompetent leaders out of office?  Did people stop and reflect and seriously ask why 9/11 might have happened?  Obviously not.

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  1. sharethisurlaboutglenbek permalink
    May 13, 2010 2:28 pm

    You may appreciate my blog, The Glenn Beck Review.

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